Father, Photographer & Creative

He is able to capture real expressions from his subjects. He understands the importance of timing and capturing the “moment.” A photo shoot with him is unlike any other. He is very engaging and brings the best out of everyone. His style tends to be more commercial and dark. Apparently, it’s a mood thing for him. Jason also has a background in art, which he uses as a tool to create his portraits. Knowing composition and color theory makes a huge impact for the viewer. Utilizing natural light, speed lights, studio lights, and a mixture of lights to create his look. He post processes his art based on how it makes him feel. He also enjoys making mood by mixing contrast of subject and environment. He is also an expert with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. He also enjoys teaching his approach to photography and post processing. He will make you enjoy your photo session and most likely your cheeks will hurt from all the laughing.
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